Company: Arlberg Alpin Apart Plus Errichtergesellschaft mbH

Company object: Property developer

UID number: ATU 66661739

Company register: FN 362923k

Commercial court: Landesgericht Feldkirch

Headquarter: Lauterach

Address: Römerweg 8, 6923 Lauterach

Contact data:
Tel: 0043 5574 63588

Memberships of the Chamber of Commerce: Member of the Wirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg, Section Immobilien- und Vermögenstreuhänder (Bauträger)

Applicable legislation and access to it:

Trade Regulations:

Supervisory Authority / Trade Authority: Bezirkshauptmannschaft Bregenz

Information on Online Dispute Resolution:
Consumers have the opportunity to file complaints with the EU's online dispute resolution platform: You can also address any complaints to the above-mentioned email address.

Arlberg Alpin Apart Plus Errichtergesellschaft mbH is the operative subsidiary company of Arlberg Alpin Apart Plus GmbH.


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Aussicht vom Bauplatz - Duncrow Webcreations
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